R & M's first offering for the 2012 summer is Serendipity 2012 (see flyer), an exciting blend of Music, Mysticism and Mayhem.

Serendipity 2012

Music: Magic happens when a sax-playing psychic and an outstanding singer combine their shows for an evening you won't soon forget.  Allison's interesting and unusual musical interpretations give her audience a performance that will have you falling in love all over, reliving your most treasured moments, and a laugh or two.

Mysticism: The world's most documented Psychic Anthony Carr will amaze, engage and entertain you with his predictions, insights, explanations of cosmic events and humour.  Anthony will use members of the audience for numerous Tarot Card readings, Palm printing and Astrological predictions. 

Mayhem: R&M bring together for the first time:

  • Anthony Carr the world's most documented sax playing psychic,
  • to add to the mayhem we bring you our triple threat, Allison McCaughey.,
  • and often special guest appearances featuring outstanding performers.

R & M Productions is proud to bring to you these talented performers under one roof. We promise you a memorable evening of music, a psychic experience and a laugh or two.  Our show will be at a theatre near you.  See you at Serendipity 2012.