john mccaughey

Gregg SulzerJohn serves as president of R&M Productions. Born and raised in Toronto, John graduated from the University of Windsor. He honed his skills working as businessman, educator and producer. In 2011, John launched R & M Productions, a commercial theatrical company based in Toronto.

R&M's launch sees shows scheduled throughout southern Ontario. Expansion into US theatres is in planning.

John is dedicated to producing live theatre that will engage, enlighten and entertain all. 

R&M is dedicated to producing the best in live entertainment. R&M constantly expands both our talent roster and the range of available venues. Our shows and performances are always geared to the audience in the seats.

We work collaboratively with our principals. If you dream of showing the world your talent on stage, R&M is the company for you. To be part of this new direction in live entertainment, please contact me.

Come see a show and discover R&M Productions. We're looking forward to working with you.

John McCaughey